Footloose (Herbert Ross 1984)

Kevin Bacon takes on small town America with the power of dance! Aided by a brick-sized walkman and a Kenny Loggins title song, our light footed rebel pouts, struts, and bangs surfaces hard with his hands to bring bad Eighties dancing to a bunch of hicks.

While the rest of the world were transfixed by break-dancing and rap music, this Wayne Sleep is dragging his new friends kicking and screaming into the Fifties.

Even better our Kev plays chicken with tractors, smokes, and dances out his anger in beautifully lit factories; of course smashing against the hood of his car while drinking a brew to prove how angry he is.

Still Kev beats the authorities with the aid of Sarah Jessica Parker (with even less style than she has now), the girl from Fame, and Chris Penn who he teaches to dance in a hilarious montage. And what does he succeed in winning for the young teens? A party so hideous your Nan would shun it.

So is it any good? Of course it is-a guilty pleasure to die for. Let’s Hear It For The Boy!


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